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Tamm Investments is a privately owned investment group with a regional mandate and a well-diversified portfolio of holdings across the Gulf Cooperation Council and the Middle-East. 

Tamm Investments' approach to investing has allowed it to develop into a highly diversified and reputable organization. The group looks to make investments in portfolio assets and businesses that exhibit potential for growth. 



TAMM INVESTMENTS prides itself in its business values and reputation that has been a result of succesfully investing in new or established ventures. Tamm Investments has developed extensive knowledge of the region over th e years. As a result, our diverse business activities are continually, evolving to meet the demands of the GCC. 

Our focus remains, however, on making investments based on deep expertise and resources, our insight in new business opportunities and our capacity to adapt to a continually evolving business environment. 

Tamm Investments is constantly looking to identify and maximize opportunities and people in order to create sustainable businesses. Tamm Investments has a diverse portfolio of assets and operates across a range of sectors and countries. 

The group is committed to three values that guarantee a product and/or service to the highest caliber. By adopting these values, Tamm Investments will continue to establish itself as a regional privately owned group with strong relationships and partnerships. 


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